About the Local Action Group (LAG)

The Ayrshire Local Action Group has responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the 2014-2020 Ayrshire LEADER Programme; implementing, delivering, monitoring and reviewing the Programme; selecting which projects will be supported; ensuring that a fair and transparent appraisal system for applications is in place, ensuring project monitoring is undertaken on an ongoing basis and ensuring that there is broad awareness of the existence and objectives of LEADER funding and the Local Development Strategy in the rural Ayrshire area.

The Ayrshire LAG is a strong autonomous partnership, responsible for making its own decisions and reporting directly to the Scottish Government.

Ayrshire LEADER Local Action Group (LAG)

Our vision:

To provide the investment to inspire, build confidence and strengthen local communities and business, generating new opportunities to support resilience and well-being across Ayrshire.

Our goals:

  • Ayrshire realises its full economic potential with more and better employment opportunities for its people
  • Ayrshire people live in well-designed, sustainable places where they are able to access the amenities and services they need
  • Ayrshire has strong, resilient and supportive communities where people take responsibility for their own actions
  • Be responsive to new challenges and opportunities helping communities and enterprise to adapt and develop over time
  • Through partnership working we will create the conditions to succeed

Our core values:

  • Our core values acknowledge the 7 principles of the LEADER approach to ensure we:
  • Put our communities at the heart of developing and delivering our Strategy
  • Are fully accountable for our decisions
  • Maintain transparent and robust governance
  • Are professional and approachable
  • Communicate in a clear, concise and inclusive manner

Who is in the LAG?

Membership of the LAG is open to local business groups, public agencies including local authorities, constituted voluntary action groups and constituted community groups and individuals with a rural knowledge and interest.

The Local Action Group will comprise not more than 49% public sector members.

Our current Local Action Group members are:

Name Private/Community or Public Sector
1.  Maggie Broadley Private/Community
2.  Jean Brown Private/Community
3.  Kevin Brown Private/Community
4.  Chris Campbell Private/Community
5.  Irene Climie Private/Community
6.  Brian Connolly Public
7.  Simon Craufurd Private/Community
8.  Christine Cuthbertson Private/Community
9.  Bruce Davidson Public
10. Kathleen Don Public
11. Clare Graham Private/Community
12. Dot Grieve & Neil McKenna Public
13. Jan Hay Private/Community
14. Jim Johnstone Public
15. Roddy MacDonald Private/Community
17. Peter Mason Private/Community
18. Val Russell Private/Community
19. Chris Savage Private/Community
21. Elaine Stewart Private/Community
22. Jim Watson Private/Community

Collective responsibility

The Local Action Group brings together diverse organisations and opinions but publicly speak with one voice. The LAG works to seek consensus wherever possible but members agree to be bound by the majority position where consensus is not possible.

minutes of meetings

29th January 2015
30th April 2015
3rd September 2015
12th November 2015

18th February 2016
21st April 2016
16th June 2016
7th November 2016
17th November2016
29th November 2016

2nd February 2017
18th May 2017
24th August 2017
16th November 2017

Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 24th May 2018
Thursday 16th August 2018
Thursday 15th November 2018